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The company's website - is a business card and full description of your services.

On the site you can compactly and conveniently place all sorts of information about you and your services,
as well as it allows customers to keep on touch with you.

If you are not on the Internet, we can say that, you don`t exist.

We create sites that are adaptive and with basic SEO settings.

You can administrate your web site by yourself - we make introduction lessons.


Realisation time:
from 3 days

template or individual design

from 500 £

FIRST step is to create temporary website with contact information and contact form on the web.
So your business is already prepared to contact your client via e-mail and share some information about you.

Meanwhile we create the main idea of the website - its colors, necessary pages count and type, general purpose
of the web and count an approximate web creation time.

SECOND step is website template creation, sketching the individual design if necessary, file searching - which will be necessary
for the website, finding out and fixing mistakes, which was made on step one, making the final look of the website.

THIRD and the LAST step - Based on created design we start to make web pages and forms, adding some basic seo settings,
if necessary in this period we also add google analytics.

Web Examlpes

Some examples of created Websites

Website Example

Website Example

Website Example

Website Example

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