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Your own Blog
News website


Blog or News web is discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web,
it is the way to share the idea, point of view or news
into mass, run by an individual, group of people or a company.

Blog can be a general website itself or can be a part of other website.
The word “blog” is a shortened version of web logs or weblogs

We create a Google-friendly, adaptive online store with basic SEO settings.


Realisation time:
from 2 days

template only

from 350 £

FIRST step - we find the best template for your website and prepare it for work.
Whle we put the store files on host, we create temporary web page with contact information,
so your business is already prepared to contact your client via e-mail and share some information about you.

SECOND step - website creation, banners and users category creation, filters addition, etc. site translations adding,
if necessary and a lot of other technical things.

THIRD and the LAST step - adding first temporary posts to you blog or news and teaching you how to do it yourself and manage other things.
As well, if necessary, in this period we also add google analytics.

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